Solar Products

We are specialising in Solar panels, Solar Street lights, Solar lanterns,
Solar Home Lighting systems, using Li-ion battery systems.

Solar street lights

It comes with Li-ion battery which can be fitted just below the solar panel and has a long life of 5 years battery, solar panel. (less than 2 kgs) and gets charged within 5 hours during daylight. Battery can be upgraded to 36 hrs or more depending on the requirement.

  • Latest Li-ion Battery
  • Technology (first time in India)
  • 5 years battery life
  • Modular plug & play design
  • 30 minute installation
  • Theft proof
  • Maintenance Free
  • Auto On/ Off
  • IP-65, water proof battery enclosure
  • Warranty: 2 year

Solar Lanterns

Solar LED Lantern is an emergency light which gives light equal to an 8W CFL bulb. It is portable, light weight, sturdy lamp and looks like a traditional lantern.

  • Uses Latest Li-ion Battery
  • Technology
  • 3 Years Battery Life
  • Long life 10 years
  • 4 hrs – 18 hrs back-up
  • Models: 1W, 2W, 3W, 3W with dimming
  • Warranty: 1 year

Solar Home lighting systems

Solar powered battery bank which can support up to 4 bulbs or 3 bulbs and 1 fan. It is light weight and the complete module weight less than 1.0 kgs you can keep this module anywhere or even hang on the wall.

Supports upto

  • 4 lights
  • 3 lights + 1 fan
  • Battery run time : 3 to 10 hours
  • Recommended solar panel : 10W and above
  • Warranty: 1 year

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